Voltaire Was A Enlightenment Writer, Historian And Philosopher

Author Voltaire had written the satirical novella Candide, in spite of facing controversy to this effect even in his life time; Voltaire was regarded and widely considered as a greatest enlightenment historian, philosopher and writer of France. Voltaire, pseudonym of Marie Arouet was born some time back on November 21, 1694 at Paris, France, played his role and presented a lot of thing to the mass public to think and analyzed of their end, and later on died after living 84 years in the world on May 30, 1778. His family had belonging to upper middle class, and was youngest among his five brothers.

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While Voltaire was attaining 7 , his mother had passed away. After his mother’s death, he got closer to his dad. It is believed at 21, Voltaire arrested and exiled to Tulle for a period of 2 yr. In 1717 he came back again in the home country. Attaining at 10, while he was believed to be on school going, he had started showing his writing prowess, and because of his writing acumen he got very popular in group. Voltaire’s all major works lies into four categories: philosophical, historical, plays and poetry works.

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His most recognized poetry includes the epic poems Henriade which he had spelled out at 29. Right from school, Voltaire had mentally prepared himself for becoming a writer in the practical day life, but his pa was against to this idea. This conflict led him a long discussion with his daddy, and later on he pretended to be working as a notary assistant in Paris while the fact was otherwise and seemed to be busy in writing work. When his pa came to know about his interest, he forcibly sent him to study law. Later on his daddy put him engaged as secretary of French ambassador in Netherland. Since Voltaire was least interested in doing this job, instead of putting himself busy in work he got entangled and fall in love with a lady who was considered to a protestant refugee lady. Instead of pulling this relation back up to final conclusion end, he was compelled to come back. This action of his father made and developed a strain relation with him.

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