Thales Was A Greek Philosopher

Today we will try to let our reader know and discuss about an important legend that was a well famed Greek philosopher, scientist, Mathematician, and astronomy and considered to be his best recognition was of his five theorems on elementary geometry. We had the view our reader will not be able to guess as to whom we are talking about. What is his name and what were his prominent works that made him so famous in the world. This is all; we were trying to check out our reader’s memory and knowledge. We do not like to put our reader any more under stress, better we should mention his name here before reaching to your turn Thales. He was born some time back on 620 B.C.E. at Miletus, an ancient Greek Ionian city towards western coast of Asia Minor in today’s Turkey.

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Thales was a famous theorist of his time and considered to be a father of modern philosophy, it is believed his approach was totally different from that of others comparing to modern or even later theorist. It is believed Thales was the first acknowledged person who had tried to make their explanation more natural, and explicit rather than making it to supernatural world. It is further believed his way of working and citing example was followed by other positive thinkers who would give rise to acceptable philosophy both as a discipline and science. Because of his articulation and realistic approach, Thales was also referred to as father of science. The other famous scientist and theorist presented his postulation the atomic theory that states all elements are composed of with a tiny particle called atoms.

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If you go back in the history and study his life, you will find him not only a thinker but also a good business man and politician. His astute businessman went from rags to riches with one idea that one fine morning Thales started collecting and purchasing all the olive presses of the vicinity used for extracting oil from olive. This action Thales had initiated after predicting the weather and good harvest in a particular year. For that reason he started reserving all olive presses a head of time at a discount only to rent them out at a high price when the demand peaked. One can only take such decision when he is good in business.

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