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Marie Curie Was A Polish And Naturalized-French Physicist & Chemist

The name of Marie Curie was not new to those who are involved in chemist and physicist field. Her name is recognized for research over radioactivity, due to this research she won noble prize 2 times which was a big achievement of her. It is an obvious fact that she is the only lady who won noble prize twice in history. Marie Curie also has the title for becoming first lady professor in the University of Paris.Marie Curie (1)

Before discussing further ahead about Marie curie, we like to make our reader know first what is radioactivity and what impact does it have on human body. Unless they know about it correctly, we believe they will not be able build up their curiosity what importance does she have in the modern society. It is nothing but consider to be a process by which a nucleus of an unstable atom losses their energy by emitting a quantum of energetic rays, ionizing radiation.

These rays come out from the atoms in the form of alpha, Beta and Gamma rays- the whole process is known as radioactivity. These rays are very dangerous to the human being, as it may lead to propagate cancer.

Marie Curie (2)Marie Curie in lab

Maria curie was born sometime back on November 7, 1867 at Warsaw, at that time this area was used to come under the jurisdiction Russia. Her parents both were engaged in noble teaching profession, and Marie Curie was considered to be the youngest of five children. Being a little child she decided to follow her father, as a math and physics instructor. There is no doubt she had a bright and curious mind and excelled at school. But it was her bad luck while Marie Curie was at the age of 11 years; she lost her mother, with the suffering from tuberculosis.

Maria Curie had expired in 1934 at the sanatorium of Sancellemoz, France, due to extensively exposure of Gamma rays radiation – including carrying test tubes of radium in her pockets during research work and experiment and rendering her services in mobile x- ray units, generated by herself during World War I.

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Marie Curie (5)Marie Curie portrait

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Marie Curie (7)Marie Curie one of a great scientist

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Galileo Galilei Was An Italian Physicist, Mathematician, Engineer, Astronomer & Philosopher

Very little energy we are to consume in making our reader to understand as to who Galileo Galilei was, why he was so famous, and what achievement he had made during his life time. He was well known figure, and we believe if you find even the school going students will have more information and conversant with him and as such we are giving you a brief introduction that Galileo Galilei was the one who was considered to be an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, politician and philosopher. Continue reading Galileo Galilei Was An Italian Physicist, Mathematician, Engineer, Astronomer & Philosopher

Archimedes Was An Ancient Greek Scientist

Archimedes was no doubt a prominent scientist, inventor, engineer, mathematician and astrological of his times. If we ask something from a teen-aged boy, standing in a deep corner lane of his house, he will definitely be able to give you the correct answer about him. Have you ever thought why it is happening so; may be because of his belonging with the Muslim Umma and he was bitterly killed by the Roman Empire.  In spite of him being killed his all work were also destroyed placing them at roundabout on each road.

Archimedes was born some time back in 287 BC at the seaport city of Syracuse, Sicily, at that time it was believed the area was self-governed colony in Magna Graecia, locating somewhere along the coast of Sothern Italy. He had also invented the magnifying glass. It was believed to be a much bigger contraption when he made it. He had made the magnifying glass so that the Roman soldiers could light fire when they were on the boat sailing to war.

He was the one who had succeeded in presenting a principle which we still believe and considered to be as new as it had it the past. Because of this principle the scientist came afterward could develop a giant ship is nothing but an amazing experienced and people of modern world are getting benefit of it. This principle is nothing but interrelation with volume, mass and pressure. We may term as any object, fully or partially deeply immersed in a fluid, buoyancy effect has effect has been seen, it is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.

The next his important invention was the screw. This screw was a hydraulic one which had brought water from a lower level to a higher level. He had made this screw when he was asked by the King of Syracuse for building a huge boat to take all the soldiers from his army for war. Actually he wanted to have a naval vessel. He did not know at that time how to remove the excess water that would leak into the boat, and that is how he came up with the idea of this screw. This screw is now being used today in several industries.