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Sandro Botticelli A Famous Painter From Florence, Italy

Describing the characters of the legendary personalities is really an honor. Today the character we have chosen to discuss is named as Sandro Botticelli. The full name of this person was Alessandro Di Mariano and he was very well-known as a painter. Sandro Botticelli was originated from Italy. He was born in 1445 and died in 1510. He was a very famous Italian artists at the time of early renaissance. At that time he was very famous for his Giorgio Vasari movement, he belongs to patronage schooling. His best known and artistic contribution was ‘The Birth of Venus’ and ‘Primavera’.

Sandro Botticelli (2)It has no doubt that he has different perception relating to marriage. According to officials and detailed us searching we come to a point that Sandro Botticelli never married and he presented his perception in a disliking way about marriage. When he was teenager, he used to grab in the affection of Italian women named as Simonetta Vespucci but she was married. The idea or inspiration behind his work ‘The Birth of Venus’ was that female; within few years that she died in 1476. Very numerous people know that, Sandro Botticelli asked his companions to bury his body beside the grave of that lady when he will be died. Many of his enemies circulated the rumor about his sexuality and affection with men’s but all was in ruin.


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While analyzing his contribution, we came to a point that he really admires the lady named Simonetta. He brought up in the city of Florence which was considered as the city of romance in Italy. There are very few sources to reveal the past life of Sandro Botticelli because he was a very shy and isolated person. When he became 14 years old, he professionally started the training of painting.  In 1470 he purchased his own workshop and started his professional work with full go. In short, this person was very pure and kind-hearted. He loved a women but could not marry with Simonetta.

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