Raphael Was An Italian Painter

We have countless legendary character in our history, today the name which we are going to discuss is Raphael. His full name was Raffaello Sanzio; he was born in 1483 on 28th of March & died in 1520 on 6th of April. By profession he is very well-known as an architect and painter as well. Raphael was originated from Italy and belongs to a period of high renaissance. People admire his work because he was so perfect to design anything, his pieces of art was clear and picture perfect. With the collaboration of Michelangelo & Leonardo he designs the code of trinity. His life period was very short; he just lived 37 years of his life.


After detail searching we came to know that he never married but in 1514 just 4 years before of Raphael died he engages with a girl Maria Bibbiena. He saw her in a friend ceremonial and his affection towards her clearly portrays the passion to marry her. He stated at his time that he had many affairs but the lady La For-Narnia, daughter of a baker was his true love.

You will be shocked when you came to know the reason of his premature expiration. According to his friend statement Vasari, he expired on the day of Good Friday; the reason for his dead was excessive or continuous repetition of sex with a girl Luti. After a while, Raphael fell into a fever and due to hesitation he did not tell anyone or any doctor. In order to get rid of high fever he took wrong medication which led him toward dying. Vasari said that, he was also born on Good Friday which was on 28th of March and Raphael also went on same date.

His funeral was huge at that time and large number of people attended.  Raphael was very productive and creative, if Raphael lived a longer span than he could set more examples in the field of architecture and painting as well.

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