Martin Luther Was A Friar Catholic Priest

Today we are going to highlight the legendary character of our history named as Martin Luther. He was born in 1483 on 10th of November and died in 1546 on 18th of February. He was very well-known for its theology profession, Martin Luther was used to be a professor by profession. During his career he rejected many concept and practices of teaching which were associated with Roman Catholic Church.

He owed the record of writing 95 theses during his career. He also raised a point related to life after death, he said that the eternity in heaven could not be achieved by good deeds only but it could be earned as a free gift by God mercy.


Folk always wanted to know the personal life of our legendary people. Martin Luther married with a girl named a Katharina Bora. They were married in 1523, at that time her wife was 26 years old only and Martin Luther was approximately 41 years old. Their marriage life was very good and they have objections among each other. By the blessings of GOD, they blessed with 6 children’s in which Elizabeth was the one who died within few months or you can say in Martin Luther arms.

His another amazing work for the sake of mankind was the translation of Holy Bible, due to which it could be more easy for other folk to read and understand it. His translation of Bible into German language was left a huge impact on the country culture. His marriage with von Bora was a clear example of clerical marriage. Later on, Martin Luther came up with antagonistic perspective against Jews due to which Martin Luther suffered a lot from that highlighted community. This legendary character was died in 1546 and after that it is still convinced to correct the theology of reformation.

In short, this energetic and talented character did a lot of things in the past for the sake of mankind. There are very few people who actually know about this legend; we should discuss these legends into our circles to make them alive.

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