Leo Tolstoy Was A Russian Novelist, Short Story Writer, Essayist, Playwright And Philosopher

In the list of legendary novelist, the name of Lev Tolstoy or Leo Tolstoy is on top. This famous character of history was born in 828 on 9th of September and died in 1910 on 7th of November. By profession he was a huge novelist, writer, story or essay writer, a philosopher and play writer too. He was originated from Russia. Leo Tolstoy was very well-known for his effort and skills in the field of writing novels and short but meaningful stories. There were very numerous people who know that, he was a master of creating real fiction. His best piece of worked are novels ‘War & peace’ which was released in 1869 & Anna Karenina that was launched in 1877. When he was just 20 years old he received great acclamation for his work which motivated him in the field of writing.

In 1862 on 23rd of September Leo Tolstoy married with a girl named as Sophia, she was just 16 years old at the time of marriage. Sophia Behr’s was a daughter of court physicians. Her nick name was Sonia or Sofia. By the blessing of God they had 13 children’s. They lived a very happy life, on the first night of marriage Leo Tolstoy gifted a secret diary to his wife in which he mention all about his life related to past. The novel War & peace was written after their marriage and her wife supports her passion and worked a lot. Her wife Sophia was worked as a personal assistant of Leo Tolstoy.

Because she helped in proof reading and marketing of his novel. In short, they both were perfect for each other because they value each other routine and work.

Due to some circumstances the family of Leo Tolstoy left Russia and later on they settle in Germany. There is no doubt that, this character was very famous for his extreme moralistic piece of work. Due to this type of thinking his friends and fans used to assume Leo Tolstoy as a spiritual healer, motivational speaker, social reformer and Gerogist. His religious piece of papers and teaching was helpful in boosting the morals of morally down people. Hence, this person was a true legend of history.

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