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Galileo Galilei Was An Italian Physicist, Mathematician, Engineer, Astronomer & Philosopher

Very little energy we are to consume in making our reader to understand as to who Galileo Galilei was, why he was so famous, and what achievement he had made during his life time. He was well known figure, and we believe if you find even the school going students will have more information and conversant with him and as such we are giving you a brief introduction that Galileo Galilei was the one who was considered to be an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, politician and philosopher.

He is termed as father of modern observational astronomy, and modern science. He had started his career with the profession of teaching and reached to the highest level of his recognition by laying out some postulate which later on pushed the other scientist to follow.

As you all are aware that he was born some time back on February 15, 1564 at Pisa, Italy. The name of his father was Vincenzo Galilei, a famous lutenist, music theorist, and composer. He had also become proficient lutenist himself and would have learned early from his father a healthy scepticism for established authority. When we talk about pendulum and telescope, the first thing that hits our mind is the name of Galileo. His prominent invention was considered to be a swinging pendulum that made us easy to have a pendulum based clock. Later on in 1954, Galileo Galilei had patented a pump making possible to raise water with the use of a horse to power it.

The next prominent invention was telescope. At that time it was heard that a Dutch scientist was working on one, he had never seen it. With some vague and indistinct ideas regarding how to build the device and his own innovation, Galileo Galilei had created a telescope with 3x magnification. He finally built a telescope with 30x magnification. Later on the said telescope was used on land and sea by placing a spyglass in between. Though he was not accredited with inventing the telescope, Galileo Galilei was able to create one almost without any input and made a good sum off of it.

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The important news we like to make our reader know that Galileo had become blind at the age of 72 while frequent uses telescope that attributed to damage done to his eyes by telescopic observations he made. It is believed he was blinded by a combination of cataracts and glaucoma. Galileo died at Arcetri in 1642, the same year Isaac Newton was born leaving behind his resourceful creations.

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