Friedrich Schiller Was A German Philosopher, Historian & Playwright

Today our reader might get an opportunity of discussing about an important legend named Friedrich Schiller who was considered to be a German playwright, historian, poet, philosopher, We are sure most of our reader must not have heard his name, not because of the fact he was not recognized in the world, but because of the fact our reader’s knowledge are limited and confounded. We suggest our readers always try to be in touch with this website and go through all the articles being published here time to time for updating and widening your knowledge spectrum.

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Friedrich Schiller’s full name was Johann Christophe he was born some time back on Nov. 10, 1759, at Marbach, Württemberg, Germany. Marbach is a small town located somewhere on the bank of the river Neckar. Population of this town is more or less 15,000 inhabitants. Friedrich Schiller father’s name was Johann Kaspar Schiller; by profession he was a doctor and engaged in military. Friedrich Schiller had the only son. His father had an intention his son be associated with military as a Doctor, but practically his son was not in favour joining army and like to do some clergy job. This brought him in depression and as such he started composing of morbid poetry.

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If you go back in the history and study the literary work of Friedrich Schiller, it is believed it had brought a radical revolutionary change in their culture, together with a huge impact on the mind of general mass public. Friedrich Schiller got married on February 1790 at the age of 30 years with a lady known as Charlotte; he had two sons and two daughters. Attaining at the age of forty-six years old, it is believed he was trapped and started suffering from tuberculosis and later on it became the main reason of his death that took place sometime later on May 9, 1805. German people still has a huge honour for him even after lap of more than two hundred years, his drama and other literary work still fall under the category of favourite.

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