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It is no doubt a big dilemma we have not ever thought and realized in the present day scenario for producing prominent scientists, inventor, writer, and philosopher in the same frequency as that we used to have in the past. Is it because of our education system are not properly trimmed out, or we are incapable of creating congenial atmosphere for them to turned out for the benefit for the general public or our media is not projecting out the same for making our public to know much about it with one or the other reason. Most probably the reason we believe goes to the last one. If we see back the science and latest development of the last century, there are a lot of things that have been made for the ease of mankind have not been projected out. Sharing our responsibility to this effect, we will try to summarize our discussion here in projecting out biography of Confucius.

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Confucius was born into a noble family of the Chou Dynasty some time back on August 27, 551 B.C. at Tuo, China. Confucius was considered to be a significant and dominant Chinese teacher, philosopher, and political identity known for his popular aphorisms and for his models of approach & social interaction. Confucius social and political viewpoint was likewise based on the concept of self-control and discipline. Confucius believed that a leader needed to be trained self-discipline in order to remain humble and treat his followers with compassion. In pursuance to it, he had leaded by optimistic example.

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When Confucius was just 19 years old, he married with a girl who belongs to same profession, before that he used to served as minor government officer. To be on the right track he hired a perfect master for his lessons. His education┬ácovers music, calligraphy, archery classes and lot more. There not a single doubt that he was just a perfect piece of talent. There are number of people who don’t know who he is? so this is the right place to reveal amazing facts about his personality.

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