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Alexander Von Humboldt Was A Prussian Geographer, Naturalist & Explorer

In the list of great geographer, the name of Alexander Von Humboldt is on the top. He was born in 1769 on 14th of September and died in 1869 on 6th of May. By profession he was very well-known for his work related to geographies, Prussian, explorer and naturalist. His elder brother was also a philosopher and Prussian minster named as Wilhelm Von Humboldt. Alexander Von Humboldt performed a lot in the field of botanical geography and due to his exceptional work; he laid the foundation for the field of bio geography.


During the year of 1799 to 1804 Alexander Von Humboldt travelled a lot in the state of Latin America, the reason for visiting that state was to explore several things related to bio geology through scientific view. He wrote a book which was comprises of 21 volumes, in that book he completely describe the nature of his journey and research associated with it. Alexander Von Humboldt was the first person who describes the boundary of Atlantic Ocean. Another book named as Kosmas which was released in 1845 composed of scientific research on several things.

Like many other historians his personal life was also surrounded with some mysteries. He was among those people who did not want to share his personal life in public and before his death he tore or destroyed his personal letters or diaries. He was very social and had huge circle of his friends. In the year of 1908, some companions reveal that he was a homosexual and had a relationship with Paul Nacke. Paul did job as a Gay activist. His name also included among those persons who never married in his life, due to this reason people assumed that the statement of homosexuality was absolutely correct. According to his closest companion’s statement, there were very few occasions on which they can notice Alexander Von Humboldt with girl.

Before his death, he transferred all of his property to an old family servant named as Stieferd. Hence, the personality of Alexander Von Humboldt was quite suspicious but his worked in the field of geography and bio geology was remarkable.

Max Planck Was A German Theoretical Physicist

Max Planck is the name of famous scientist who invented a famous approach named as Quantum theory. This legend was born in 1858 on 23rd of April and departed in 1947 on October 4th. By profession Max Planck was a physicist and originated from Germany. He worked very hard in the world of physical science and during his research; he invented or stated a approach of Quantum which lead him for Nobel Prize award in 1918.

We have countless contribution to the theoretical physical science but his real fame was due to the invention of unique argument. The government of the Germany also awarded the responsibility of famous institution called Kaiser Wilhelm Society twice in his career. After his death, the government founded a new scientific institution on his named called MPS (Max Planck Society) under its shed there are 83 more institution which are working for the betterment of physics.

As far as concerned of his personal life, Max Planck was married with a girl called Marie Merck. This lady was used to be his school fellow; she was born in 1861 while expired in 1909. Planck had four children with Marie and their names were Karl, Emma, Grete and Erwin. At that time when he was going to launch the argument, his house used to be a cultural and social centre. He had very good relation with Albert Einstein too. In 1909, his wife expired due to tuberculosis. In 1911, Planck married again with a lady Marga and she died in 1948 just one year after the death of Planck.

According to analyst’s reviews, the amount theory changed the way of humans in the field of atomic and subatomic structures. Likewise, the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein transformed the concept of space as well as time. Both Einstein and Max Planck worked together in order to formulated some basic concept about 20th Century physics. In short, Max Planck is considered among the legendary people who did lots of things for mankind.

Martin Luther Was A Friar Catholic Priest

Today we are going to highlight the legendary character of our history named as Martin Luther. He was born in 1483 on 10th of November and died in 1546 on 18th of February. He was very well-known for its theology profession, Martin Luther was used to be a professor by profession. During his career he rejected many concept and practices of teaching which were associated with Roman Catholic Church.

He owed the record of writing 95 theses during his career. He also raised a point related to life after death, he said that the eternity in heaven could not be achieved by good deeds only but it could be earned as a free gift by God mercy.


Folk always wanted to know the personal life of our legendary people. Martin Luther married with a girl named a Katharina Bora. They were married in 1523, at that time her wife was 26 years old only and Martin Luther was approximately 41 years old. Their marriage life was very good and they have objections among each other. By the blessings of GOD, they blessed with 6 children’s in which Elizabeth was the one who died within few months or you can say in Martin Luther arms.

His another amazing work for the sake of mankind was the translation of Holy Bible, due to which it could be more easy for other folk to read and understand it. His translation of Bible into German language was left a huge impact on the country culture. His marriage with von Bora was a clear example of clerical marriage. Later on, Martin Luther came up with antagonistic perspective against Jews due to which Martin Luther suffered a lot from that highlighted community. This legendary character was died in 1546 and after that it is still convinced to correct the theology of reformation.

In short, this energetic and talented character did a lot of things in the past for the sake of mankind. There are very few people who actually know about this legend; we should discuss these legends into our circles to make them alive.

Gregor Mendel Was A German-Speaking Moravian Scientist

We feel honour to discuss our legendary scientist named as Gregor Mendel or Gregor Johann Mendel. He was born in 1822 on July 22nd and died in 1884 on 6th of January. By profession he was a speaker and Moravian and well-known for the invention of modern division science.  In 1856, Gregor Mendel executed a division experiment till 1863 which works on the rule of heredity. This experiment worked on a Mendelian inheritance. In his analysis he did job on 7 characteristics of bean plant which are: height, shape, colour, seed shape and its colour and the position of its flower of fruit and its proposition.

Due to this experiment Gregor Mendel concluded that, when green and yellow breed together the result or output flower will always come out yellow. To explain this statement Gregor Mendel used two unique terms called ‘recessive’ and ‘dominant’. The examples which he was presented related to bean , the green bean referred as recessive while the pea in yellow called as dominant. In 1866, he published experimental result associated with pea.  Till the end of 20th century, his efforts were neither appreciated by government nor other scientist. Later on, there was another great examiner of their own time named as Von, Hugo, Carl and William were agreed with the statement of Gregor Mendel in the field of genetics.

He also performed different sort of analysis for the hybridization of plants. He also used bees and other insects in order to study the genetics behaviour. During her research, he also described novel plant and its species. In short, he put his effort  alot for the explanation of modern genetics working behaviour. There were very few examiner, who worked a lot for the betterment of mankind & the name of Gregor Mendel was among them. Describing his numbers of analysis in detail is too difficult because it took a lot of time and pages to explain. Stick around and grab some more information about this legendary examiner.

Thomas Jefferson Was An American Founding Father

The name of Thomas Jefferson is not new to people who are associated with the field of science. In short, he was the father of American independence Declaration. Thomas Jefferson was born in the year of 1743 on 13th of April & died on 1775. He was also recognized as the 3rd President of United States of America from the yr 1801 to 1809. He was the first spokesman of American democracy; he also incorporated the rules of individualism. Continue reading Thomas Jefferson Was An American Founding Father

Nicolaus Copernicus Was A Renaissance Mathematician And Astronomer

The importance of examiner can’t be denied because they worked out-of-the-way in order to discover new things. Today we are going to discuss one of the great scientists Nicolaus Copernicus. By origin Nicolaus Copernicus was a German scientist, he was born in 1473 on 19th Feb and died in 1543 on 24th of May. By profession he was well-known as a mathematician and very famous for his astrological mind-set. Continue reading Nicolaus Copernicus Was A Renaissance Mathematician And Astronomer

Friedrich Nietzsche Was A German Philologist

In the list of those personalities who belongs to philosophy, Friedrich Nietzsche name is on the top. His full name is Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. By profession he was a philosopher originated from Germany. On other way, he was also a good poet & composer. His name was listed who wrote many articles related to religion, culture, history and science. He became when famous when he launched his new idea related to perspectives. Another famous concept in the world of philosophy was ‘Life affirmation’.  In this idea Friedrich Nietzsche tried to cover all kind of ideas which we used to run in order to live. Continue reading Friedrich Nietzsche Was A German Philologist

Thales Was A Greek Philosopher

Today we will try to let our reader know and discuss about an important legend that was a well famed Greek philosopher, scientist, Mathematician, and astronomy and considered to be his best recognition was of his five theorems on elementary geometry. We had the view our reader will not be able to guess as to whom we are talking about. What is his name and what were his prominent works that made him so famous in the world. Continue reading Thales Was A Greek Philosopher

Niels Bohr Was A Danish Physicist

Niels Bohr was born in the year of 1885 on October 7th. Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen. As you all aware of the city its the capital and most populated city of Denmark, with an urban population of 1,247,000 and a metropolitan population of 1,991,000 as declared on July 01, 2014. His father name was Christian Bohr, engaged as a professor of Physiology at the University of Copenhagen. Niels Bohr mother belongs to a wealthy background. His position was second among his one brother and one sister. His sister was elder, after grown up she became a teacher and his younger brother became a mathematician. Continue reading Niels Bohr Was A Danish Physicist

Friedrich Schiller Was A German Philosopher, Historian & Playwright

Today our reader might get an opportunity of discussing about an important legend named Friedrich Schiller who was considered to be a German playwright, historian, poet, philosopher, We are sure most of our reader must not have heard his name, not because of the fact he was not recognized in the world, but because of the fact our reader’s knowledge are limited and confounded. We suggest our readers always try to be in touch with this website and go through all the articles being published here time to time for updating and widening your knowledge spectrum. Continue reading Friedrich Schiller Was A German Philosopher, Historian & Playwright