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Marie Curie Was A Polish And Naturalized-French Physicist & Chemist

The name of Marie Curie was not new to those who are involved in chemist and physicist field. Her name is recognized for research over radioactivity, due to this research she won noble prize 2 times which was a big achievement of her. It is an obvious fact that she is the only lady who won noble prize twice in history. Marie Curie also has the title for becoming first lady professor in the University of Paris.Marie Curie (1)

Before discussing further ahead about Marie curie, we like to make our reader know first what is radioactivity and what impact does it have on human body. Unless they know about it correctly, we believe they will not be able build up their curiosity what importance does she have in the modern society. It is nothing but consider to be a process by which a nucleus of an unstable atom losses their energy by emitting a quantum of energetic rays, ionizing radiation.

These rays come out from the atoms in the form of alpha, Beta and Gamma rays- the whole process is known as radioactivity. These rays are very dangerous to the human being, as it may lead to propagate cancer.

Marie Curie (2)Marie Curie in lab

Maria curie was born sometime back on November 7, 1867 at Warsaw, at that time this area was used to come under the jurisdiction Russia. Her parents both were engaged in noble teaching profession, and Marie Curie was considered to be the youngest of five children. Being a little child she decided to follow her father, as a math and physics instructor. There is no doubt she had a bright and curious mind and excelled at school. But it was her bad luck while Marie Curie was at the age of 11 years; she lost her mother, with the suffering from tuberculosis.

Maria Curie had expired in 1934 at the sanatorium of Sancellemoz, France, due to extensively exposure of Gamma rays radiation – including carrying test tubes of radium in her pockets during research work and experiment and rendering her services in mobile x- ray units, generated by herself during World War I.

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Immanuel Kant Was A German Philosopher

There is nothing but we find true that Immanuel Kant was a central figure moving around modern philosophy of the present day scenario. He was the one who had synthesized the whole world with the new way of thinking and made a bridge between classical and modern philosophy, continuing them to interact significantly and influence in metaphysics, epistemology, political philosophy and other aesthetic field.Immanuel Kant (1)Immanuel Kant argues that the human sympathetic thoughtfulness is the source of the laws related to general nature that configuration all our experience; and that human reason gives itself the proper law, which is our basis for trust in God, autonomy, and immortality. Therefore, scientific and methodical knowledge, morality, and religious belief are reciprocally dependable and secure because they all rest on the same foundation of human autonomy, which is also the final end of life and nature according to the teleological world views.

Immanuel Kant (3)Immanuel Kant argues that the human sympathetic thoughtfulness is the source of the laws related to general nature that configuration all our experience; and that human reason gives itself the proper law, which is our basis for trust in God, autonomy, and immortality. Therefore, scientific and methodical knowledge, morality, and religious belief are reciprocally dependable and secure because they all rest on the same foundation of human autonomy, which is also the final end of life and nature according to the teleological world views.

Immanuel Kant (2)Immanuel Kant was born in the year of 1724 April 22nd at Konigsberg. Today you will find Konigsberg’s other name Kaliningrad that now comes under the jurisdiction of Russia. An interesting thing you are to note that Immanuel Kant was born into an artisan family of modest means. Immanuel Kant father was considered to be a master harness maker, and his mother was the daughter of a same profession, though she was well-disciplined and better educated than that of other women of her social class. Immanuel Kant’s family was on the breadline, but his father’s trade was in decline during his youth and his parents at times had to rely on extended family for financial support.

Immanuel Kant (4)It was sad ironical by that time his both parent had died and his finance was not sure enough for him to pursue his academic career. In order to make his livelihood, he migrated back to Konigsberg and started teaching at Albertina. The main subject of teaching there was philosophy until the retirement at the age of about seventy-two years old. When the overall life of Immanuel Kant was very struggling but due to dedication in life he achieved top of things which made him famous even after his death.

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Ludwig van Beethoven Was A German Composer & Pianist

There is no doubt German was the one who had produced a few prominent legends in the past in the field of music, the first one was Johann Bach and the second was Ludwig van Beethoven. Both were considered and regarded as to be world fame legend of their time and had brought a radical changed in the field of music. Ludwig van Beethoven had also linked from German. He was also considered to be adroit composer and pianist and seems to be a fundamental stature in the transition between the Classical & Romantic notes in Western art music. His best-recognized compositions include symphonies, piano sonatas, and string quartets.

Ludwig van Beethoven (2)Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the year of 1770 0n 17th of December at Bonn. At the time of his birth there was a trend, babies are baptized within 24 hours of birth, and it is believed his birth was taken place on Dec 16, 1770 and not as generally presumed. Ludwig van Beethoven had 2 brothers who had survived up to his adulthood; one brother named as Casper and other one called as Johan. Casper was born in the year of 1774 and Johann was born in the year of 1776. The name of his mother was Maria who was a courteous woman.

Ludwig van Beethoven (1)His father, Johann van, was also known as an amazing court singer; you will be amazed to know that his grandfather, Kapellmeister Ludwig was Bonn’s most affluent and eminent musician and considered to be a source of never-ending arrogance for young Ludwig van Beethoven. Sometime back in between the births of his 2 brothers, Vans father had started teaching him music with a strange rigor and violence that affected him for the rest of his life.Ludwig van Beethoven (4)

The lists of legends are very limited and Van name is included because of his remarkable life story and his work. There are number of people who inspire him, though many people do not know who Van are? We recommend you to read once the history of people who did a lot of things for the sake of others so that we can learn something from their lives.

  Ludwig van Beethoven (3)  Ludwig van Beethoven photoLudwig van Beethoven (5)

Ludwig van Beethoven (6)Ludwig van Beethoven a legendary musician from history

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Johannes Kepler Was A German Mathematician, Astronomer & Astrologer

We have palpably seen in our practical life, mostly our reader does not like to get involved them in mathematics as they have wrongly generated inherited conception right from his early stage that the mathematics demands more concentration and attention all the time perceiving it would be difficult for him to complete it. There is no such thing, we believe they always like to go in those studies where they do not have to make any extra efforts and easily they can complete it and enter into the practical life.

After entering into the practical life they start realizing that they did some mistake and selected wrong path of study. Had they selected the correct one in their early life, they would have enjoyed by now much more because of subject’s versatility. Today we are going to discuss about Johannes Kepler who was considered to be a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer and reached to the highest degree recognition just because of mathematics.

Johannes Kepler (4)Johannes Kepler Greatest Mathematician

Johannes Kepler (2)Johannes Kepler Biography

Johannes Kepler (7) Johannes Kepler Beard

Johannes Kepler was born on 27th of December in the year of 1571 near the Imperial City. It is believed Johannes was born too early due to this; he was weak child at the time of birth. He had two brothers and a sister, after his birth it is presumed his family’s fortune was decline. His father Kepler has no fixed income; it is believed that he had left the house because of some animosity while he was five years old. It is true his mother Katharina was inn keeper’s daughter and considered to be a good heeler and herbalist.

In pursuance to his career, it is believed Johannes Kepler was a mathematics teacher at a seminary school in Austria, where Johannes Kepler got the chance of becoming associates Prince Hans Eggenberg. Later on he got the chance of becoming an associate to astronomer. In spite of more forced relocations, Kepler had published the Epitome Astronomiae in 1621. Hence the overall story of Johannes is amazing; he must be true inspiration for many young generations. You must read the biography of this amazing personality once in your life.

Johannes Kepler (1)Johannes Kepler Pictures

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Michelangelo Was An Italian Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Poet, & Engineer

There we do not find any problem in spelling out some words about Michelangelo as we believe he was greatly regarded as the most eminent artist of the Italian Renaissance. Among his achievements are the David and Pieta statues and the Sistine Chapel frescoes. He was an Italian sculptor, artist, painter, designer, poet, and engineer of the high recovery who had exerted an unmatched influence on the development of Western sculpture. Despite making few forays beyond the arts, his flexibility and adaptability in the disciplines he took up the degree of such a high order that he was often considered a contender for the title of the archetypal Renaissance man. Continue reading Michelangelo Was An Italian Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Poet, & Engineer

Sandro Botticelli A Famous Painter From Florence, Italy

Describing the characters of the legendary personalities is really an honor. Today the character we have chosen to discuss is named as Sandro Botticelli. The full name of this person was Alessandro Di Mariano and he was very well-known as a painter. Sandro Botticelli was originated from Italy. He was born in 1445 and died in 1510. He was a very famous Italian artists at the time of early renaissance. At that time he was very famous for his Giorgio Vasari movement, he belongs to patronage schooling. His best known and artistic contribution was ‘The Birth of Venus’ and ‘Primavera’.

Sandro Botticelli (2)It has no doubt that he has different perception relating to marriage. According to officials and detailed us searching we come to a point that Sandro Botticelli never married and he presented his perception in a disliking way about marriage. When he was teenager, he used to grab in the affection of Italian women named as Simonetta Vespucci but she was married. The idea or inspiration behind his work ‘The Birth of Venus’ was that female; within few years that she died in 1476. Very numerous people know that, Sandro Botticelli asked his companions to bury his body beside the grave of that lady when he will be died. Many of his enemies circulated the rumor about his sexuality and affection with men’s but all was in ruin.


Sandro Botticelli (1)Sandro Botticelli arts

While analyzing his contribution, we came to a point that he really admires the lady named Simonetta. He brought up in the city of Florence which was considered as the city of romance in Italy. There are very few sources to reveal the past life of Sandro Botticelli because he was a very shy and isolated person. When he became 14 years old, he professionally started the training of painting.  In 1470 he purchased his own workshop and started his professional work with full go. In short, this person was very pure and kind-hearted. He loved a women but could not marry with Simonetta.

Sandro Botticelli (3)       Sandro Botticelli faceSandro Botticelli (4)

Sandro Botticelli (5)Sandro Botticelli art work Sandro Botticelli (6)Sandro Botticelli Pictures Sandro Botticelli (7)

Sandro Botticelli (8)Sandro Botticelli

Charles Darwin Was An English Naturalist And Geologist

Why not we should study and entangle our reader in discussing about an important legend, which we believe you must have heard his name, but you all be having a very little knowledge of his work, biography, and findings. Taking advantage of this website, we will give you some information about him that might give you some help in enhancing your knowledge in this regard. The name of this personality is Charles Darwin, considered to be an eminent English naturalist, and geologist. He is more famous for contribution of evaluation theory. There is no doubt his name is included among some critical thinker who had really impressed the whole century of his time.

Charles Darwin full name was Charles Robert Darwin; he was born some time back on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire into a wealthy and well-connected family. His maternal grandfather belonging to from china manufacturer Josiah Wedgwood, whereas his paternal grandfather was Erasmus Darwin, considered to be one of the leading intellectuals of 18th century England.

He himself had an initial planned of following a medical career, with start of studying at Edinburgh University but later on switched to divinity at Cambridge. Some time back in the vicinity of 1831, he had joined a five-year scientific expedition on the survey ship HMS Beagle.

At that time, mostly the people had a firm belief that the world was created by God in seven days as described and spelled out in the bible. It was noticed that on his voyage, he read Lyell’s ‘Principles of Geology which had suggested that the fossils found in rocks were actually confirmation of animals that had lived many thousands or millions of years ago. This was the basic point that made him to think further in these lines. Lyell’s logic was reinforced in Darwin’s own mind by the rich variety of animal life and the geological features he had seen during his voyage. He got through this idea during visit in the Galapagos Islands, seems to be 500 miles west of South America. He noticed that each island had supported its own form of finch which were closely related but differed in important ways.

Archimedes Was An Ancient Greek Scientist

Archimedes was no doubt a prominent scientist, inventor, engineer, mathematician and astrological of his times. If we ask something from a teen-aged boy, standing in a deep corner lane of his house, he will definitely be able to give you the correct answer about him. Have you ever thought why it is happening so; may be because of his belonging with the Muslim Umma and he was bitterly killed by the Roman Empire.  In spite of him being killed his all work were also destroyed placing them at roundabout on each road.

Archimedes was born some time back in 287 BC at the seaport city of Syracuse, Sicily, at that time it was believed the area was self-governed colony in Magna Graecia, locating somewhere along the coast of Sothern Italy. He had also invented the magnifying glass. It was believed to be a much bigger contraption when he made it. He had made the magnifying glass so that the Roman soldiers could light fire when they were on the boat sailing to war.

He was the one who had succeeded in presenting a principle which we still believe and considered to be as new as it had it the past. Because of this principle the scientist came afterward could develop a giant ship is nothing but an amazing experienced and people of modern world are getting benefit of it. This principle is nothing but interrelation with volume, mass and pressure. We may term as any object, fully or partially deeply immersed in a fluid, buoyancy effect has effect has been seen, it is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.

The next his important invention was the screw. This screw was a hydraulic one which had brought water from a lower level to a higher level. He had made this screw when he was asked by the King of Syracuse for building a huge boat to take all the soldiers from his army for war. Actually he wanted to have a naval vessel. He did not know at that time how to remove the excess water that would leak into the boat, and that is how he came up with the idea of this screw. This screw is now being used today in several industries.

Raphael Was An Italian Painter

We have countless legendary character in our history, today the name which we are going to discuss is Raphael. His full name was Raffaello Sanzio; he was born in 1483 on 28th of March & died in 1520 on 6th of April. By profession he is very well-known as an architect and painter as well. Raphael was originated from Italy and belongs to a period of high renaissance. People admire his work because he was so perfect to design anything, his pieces of art was clear and picture perfect. With the collaboration of Michelangelo & Leonardo he designs the code of trinity. His life period was very short; he just lived 37 years of his life.


After detail searching we came to know that he never married but in 1514 just 4 years before of Raphael died he engages with a girl Maria Bibbiena. He saw her in a friend ceremonial and his affection towards her clearly portrays the passion to marry her. He stated at his time that he had many affairs but the lady La For-Narnia, daughter of a baker was his true love.

You will be shocked when you came to know the reason of his premature expiration. According to his friend statement Vasari, he expired on the day of Good Friday; the reason for his dead was excessive or continuous repetition of sex with a girl Luti. After a while, Raphael fell into a fever and due to hesitation he did not tell anyone or any doctor. In order to get rid of high fever he took wrong medication which led him toward dying. Vasari said that, he was also born on Good Friday which was on 28th of March and Raphael also went on same date.

His funeral was huge at that time and large number of people attended.  Raphael was very productive and creative, if Raphael lived a longer span than he could set more examples in the field of architecture and painting as well.

Leo Tolstoy Was A Russian Novelist, Short Story Writer, Essayist, Playwright And Philosopher

In the list of legendary novelist, the name of Lev Tolstoy or Leo Tolstoy is on top. This famous character of history was born in 828 on 9th of September and died in 1910 on 7th of November. By profession he was a huge novelist, writer, story or essay writer, a philosopher and play writer too. He was originated from Russia. Leo Tolstoy was very well-known for his effort and skills in the field of writing novels and short but meaningful stories. There were very numerous people who know that, he was a master of creating real fiction. His best piece of worked are novels ‘War & peace’ which was released in 1869 & Anna Karenina that was launched in 1877. When he was just 20 years old he received great acclamation for his work which motivated him in the field of writing.

In 1862 on 23rd of September Leo Tolstoy married with a girl named as Sophia, she was just 16 years old at the time of marriage. Sophia Behr’s was a daughter of court physicians. Her nick name was Sonia or Sofia. By the blessing of God they had 13 children’s. They lived a very happy life, on the first night of marriage Leo Tolstoy gifted a secret diary to his wife in which he mention all about his life related to past. The novel War & peace was written after their marriage and her wife supports her passion and worked a lot. Her wife Sophia was worked as a personal assistant of Leo Tolstoy.

Because she helped in proof reading and marketing of his novel. In short, they both were perfect for each other because they value each other routine and work.

Due to some circumstances the family of Leo Tolstoy left Russia and later on they settle in Germany. There is no doubt that, this character was very famous for his extreme moralistic piece of work. Due to this type of thinking his friends and fans used to assume Leo Tolstoy as a spiritual healer, motivational speaker, social reformer and Gerogist. His religious piece of papers and teaching was helpful in boosting the morals of morally down people. Hence, this person was a true legend of history.