Alexander Von Humboldt Was A Prussian Geographer, Naturalist & Explorer

In the list of great geographer, the name of Alexander Von Humboldt is on the top. He was born in 1769 on 14th of September and died in 1869 on 6th of May. By profession he was very well-known for his work related to geographies, Prussian, explorer and naturalist. His elder brother was also a philosopher and Prussian minster named as Wilhelm Von Humboldt. Alexander Von Humboldt performed a lot in the field of botanical geography and due to his exceptional work; he laid the foundation for the field of bio geography.


During the year of 1799 to 1804 Alexander Von Humboldt travelled a lot in the state of Latin America, the reason for visiting that state was to explore several things related to bio geology through scientific view. He wrote a book which was comprises of 21 volumes, in that book he completely describe the nature of his journey and research associated with it. Alexander Von Humboldt was the first person who describes the boundary of Atlantic Ocean. Another book named as Kosmas which was released in 1845 composed of scientific research on several things.

Like many other historians his personal life was also surrounded with some mysteries. He was among those people who did not want to share his personal life in public and before his death he tore or destroyed his personal letters or diaries. He was very social and had huge circle of his friends. In the year of 1908, some companions reveal that he was a homosexual and had a relationship with Paul Nacke. Paul did job as a Gay activist. His name also included among those persons who never married in his life, due to this reason people assumed that the statement of homosexuality was absolutely correct. According to his closest companion’s statement, there were very few occasions on which they can notice Alexander Von Humboldt with girl.

Before his death, he transferred all of his property to an old family servant named as Stieferd. Hence, the personality of Alexander Von Humboldt was quite suspicious but his worked in the field of geography and bio geology was remarkable.

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