Alexander Graham Bell Was An Eminent Scottish-Born Scientist, Inventor, Engineer & Innovator

Alexander Graham Bell is the one, we believe, everybody must be well conversant with him, not because of the reason his personality was good or any other his prestigious work was applauding, but because of his great contribution toward his realization and innovation in the field of communication. Alexander Graham Bell born some time back on March 3, 1847 at Edinburgh, Scotland. Alexander Graham Bell was considered to be an eminent Scottish scientist, inventor, engineer and trendsetter who had credited with the invention of the first working telephone and communication network.

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It is believed that, Alexander Graham BellĀ has 2 more brothers but unfortunately they were died due to severe disease. Edward and Melville are the name of his brothers. Alexander Graham Bell got his early education from his father because his father was a well-known university professor of his time. When he was just 15 years old he left college because he did not take much interest in education. It is an obvious fact his main field of interest was science and due to this he invented such an amazing gadget for the rest of human life.

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During the period of staying with his grandfather, a love of learning was developed, with spending major portion of his time to serious discussion and study. It is believed that, when Alexander Graham Bell was young he was very curious about this world and his question and way of thinking differ from other boys. His best friend was Ben Herdman, a neighbour whose family had a flour mill. After knowing from his friend how this mill does run, and upon knowing his friend had a problem in the mill of segregating and dehusking the grain. The mechanism of that device was quite different; it has rotating pads which attached with steel brush. It is very clear that this was one of the greatest inventions in the history of science. We salute this gentleman for his wonderful invention. Due to hi unique invention we can communicate with each other easily.

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